The Fridge telling the Duck he should wait before they put it on the plate.

Fridge is one teacher that helps with the "Healthy" lesson in Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 5. He has a few lines on telling the Duck that he should maybe wait before putting something on his plate.


"Everything taste great,

Maybe we should wait,

before we put it on the plate,

or it could be too late...for you..."

"Doesn't matter, just throw it away

Why not try something else on your tray?"

The Fridge yelling "A STRANGER'S PLATE!"

"But everyone has their teeth go grey,

just eat yeast and it'll go away."

"Teeth go grey..."



  • On the side shown to the audience, a picture of Colin the computer from Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 4 is there along with the number chart from the same episode.
  • Letters from the quote "Get Creative!" are scattered all over the fount of the fridge including: G, E, C, R. A, I & V.
  • A sticky note with a telephone number for Roy can be seen on the front of the fridge, written out as "01719067482" with 19/06 in the middle referencing June 19th .
  • There is another sticky note with "HELP" maybe referencing the Kickstarter's promotional videos.
  • The fridge is the second teacher who least appears in DHMIS 5, along with Bread Boy.
  • The fridge’s line “or it could be to late...” actually has another part which Duck yells over during his break down which is “for you”. This may imply that fridge might be giving him a subtle warning or threat to Duck, urging him to play along before its ”to late for you”.

Conflict with Bread Boy

According to rumors[1] The Fridge and [./https://dont-hug-me-im-scared.fandom.com/wiki/Bread_Boy Bread Boy] were known to fight and argue on set. On one occasion, The Fridge threatened to digest Bread Boy, after he had ripped apart one of Fridge Boy's contract covers. Because of this, the episode was re-written so as to not feature both characters in the same scene.

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