Furry Boy is a character who first appeared in Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 3. He is one of Shrignold's friends from the Love Cult.


Furry boy resembles a small beaver, being fuzzy and chocolate brown on it's outside, it has a patch of white on it's stomach. It's face resembles that of a crab, with a black nose above it's mouth, and 2 small buck teeth, also resembling that of a beaver.


The furry boy isn't given many lines, but certain things can be deducted from his lines. One, is that he is a member of the love cult, helping brainwash yellow guy, and even going so far as to switch to cult clothing when they reveal malcom, showing him to be a follower of malcom. He is also shown to have a pet, which he says he loves, due to it being a crab. Possibly being him saying it's a crab, or saying he loves it specifically because of it being a crab, which could mean he has an obsession with crabs.


  • "And you love us too!"
  • "Hee hee... harder!"
  • "I love my pet cause he's a crab!"
  • "He's made for him!"
  • "And it's perfect!"
  • "Our king"
  • "He is the king of love"


  • He owns a pet crab.
  • He tried to brainwash Yellow Guy, along with the rest of the cult.
  • Yellow Guy refers to him by the name: "Furry Boy".
  • When brainwashing Yellow Guy he wears a red Bowler hat.

    I love my pet cause he's a crab

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