HELP #3 Was the third part in the series on Youtube. This part was deleted for no known reason currently, BUT it's still present on the Kickstarter DVD. It starts off with the one you may know, You can find this in the money man's wiki page here on this wiki. The second part shows money man going a few stairs, in a very dimmed light room. It cuts to black for a few seconds, than it shows the MM dancing is a very small room in very heavy slow motion. Text slowly fades in saying: "Is this the end?" With the inside of it quickly flashing moments of the last two videos, before it glitches out with pink background and red text saying: "HELP SEE!"

(Edit: The text doesn't actually read HELP SEE! It actually says HEY! SEE? But that's not fully corrected yet.)

As the final clip, It shows 3 chairs with yellow, red, and green balloons in the places they were when it was when the entire video started. The light is pretty lit and the text appears saying: "YOU HAVE __ DAYS LEFT" Depending on how many. It went down and the numbers after got red at 5. After 5 the beeps get louder and more pitched.

As it gets past 1 The text reads: "YOU HAVE CHOSEN DEATH!" With happy music in the background.

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