The Machine is an object that appears in DHMIS 6 when Red Guy tries to save Yellow Guy from the teachers.

The machine in DHMIS 6.


Every teacher is created inside the Machine by Roy (Tony, Shrignold, Colin, Spinach Can, Steak Guy, Lamp, Universe Guy, Saxophone, Shovel, Stop Light, Football, Magnet, File, Gel, Hoofcreep, Plug, Meat Cube, digital Duck Guy head, Clapperboard and a Red Guy clone), as when Red Guy tampers with it each teacher is formed by the glitching of the previous teacher (the exceptions being Bread Boy, Fridge, Notepad, Gilbert the Globe and Key). It is also speculated that Duck Guy was created inside the Machine, and that Duck Guy was never real, as Duck Guy cameo in DHMIS 6 when he is formed, his only line in the episode being "Fish on my tray? WHAT?! WHERE AM I-I-I-I-I-I???" when he should've been dead.


  • This machine resembles the Boring Meter from the DHMIS 5 "teaser".
  • It is possible that this machine has created a fake Tony because there's some differences between Tony in DHMIS 2 and DHMIS 6.
    • In DHMIS 6, Tony has a larger eyebrows and his "mustache" is more thick.
      • He also ignores Yellow Guy, but in DHMIS 2 he doesn't ignore his students.
  • The machine has a lot of buttons, piano keys, screen showing previous episodes, a sign saying "1906", a meter that looks similar to the one from the Boring Meter, a clock with the same colors of Tony and a big screen that shows where the protagonists are.
    • There's also a button saying "4", which function is unknown
    • The machine also has a plug that restarts the reality.