This page contains minor characters from Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 4. Some of them don't have their own article because they have a short appearence through this episode. (Gilbert The Globe is not included).


  • There was another Malcolm statue in DHMIS 3.

    Malcolm's cameo in DHMIS 4.

White Morph Suit Guy

  • He appears in the Fake Se

    The White Morph Suit Guy.

    t along with the Black Morph Suit Person.

Black Morph Suit Person

  • He/She appears along with the White Morph Suit Guy.
  • His/Her gender is unconfirmed.

    The Black Morph Suit Person.

The clones

  • They appear during the climax of the episode. They are CGI deformed clones of Yellow Guy, Red Guy and Duck Guy.
  • There's also a dancing Oats box.

    The clones.

    The Laptop.


  • Appears for a few seconds when Red Guy says "Actually, we already have a computer."
  • The desktop resembles the Windows XP Bliss default wallapaper.

Yellow Square

  • The Yellow Square.

    It previously appeared in DHMIS 2 - TIME.
  • It's similar to the red pyramid from DHMIS 1.
  • It is also similar to the Happy Circle from an advertesiment made by Becky and Joe back in 2012.

The creepy clones

  • They are weird digital clones of Yellow Guy and Duck Guy played by costumed actors.
  • They appear during the climax of DHMIS 4 before Red Guy discovers The Fake Set.
  • The digital Duck Guy also appears in DHMIS 6 as a "teacher"

The creepy clones.


  • Appears many times through the episode.
  • It also reappears in DHMIS 5.


  • It was used by the Black Morph Suit Person to make Red Guy "mind blown".
  • It also reappeared in DHMIS 6 as one of the extra teachers.


The Fake Set

  • The Fake Set.

    Appears at the final of the episode, it's a mix of all the different episodes with a very low budget.

Fake Yellow Guy

It's a mannequin with a balloon as a head. It has a recorded TTS (text to speech) voice (presumably Daniel from UK).

Fake Red Guy

It's a mop with fake eyes.

Fake Duck Guy

It's a real life duck, proving that Duck Guy was always a Duck.

Fake Sketchbook

It's a Oats! box with a face and arms.


It's not confirmed to be a fake Tony, but its arms are pointing the same hour that Tony points, but inverted.


  • Appears on the Fake Set, recording.

    The camera.

  • It also appears on some behind the scenes images and DHMIS 6 during the dreams song.


  • They appear at the Digital World, and they had no purpose.


  • They appear at the Digital World, and they had no purpose.




  • Appears at the Digital World, and it didn't had any purpose.


Digital You

  • Appears on a mirror, it's a Yellow Guy copy.

    "You're your digital you, virtually real but controled by real you!"

The Digital World entry

  • It's a brick door with a smiling face.

Digital World entry.

Pie chart

  • Appears behind the first door of the Digital World.

    Pie chart.

Bar graph

  • Appears behind the first door of the Digital World.

    Bar graph.

Line graph

  • Appears behind the first door of the Digital World.

Line graph.


  • Appears for a few seconds at the Digital World.

    Tony hidden on the Digital World.


Digital Red Guy clone

  • Appears behind Red Guy for a few seconds
  • There's also a Colin clone in the same scene.

Red Guy clone behind a door.


  • Appears behind Duck Guy for a few seconds.



  • Appears next to Duck Guy for a few seconds.

The camera.