Question Fun was the game the protagonists played in DHMIS 4.


Question fun depicts a board, with three players the colour of the protagonists. They appear to be answering questions, most likely then moving forward accordingly. However, a dice is seen on the table as well, so questions may serve a different purpose. The characters seem to be answering questions and/or rolling a die with the purpose of getting towards the door at the end.


Question fun has a blue and black checkered border with squares on either corner with the rim being red, white inside, and a black middle. Inside of the game, the background is dark yellow. The text "question fun!" Can be seen on the top, with the word "question" being red and the word "fun" being black. To the left of this, there is an image of a magnifying glass. To the right of this is a stack of red white rimmed cards with question marks on them. The body of the board has a red path with seemingly no starting point. In the middle, there is a white rimmed dark blue door with a dark yellow doorknob.


Question Fun game.

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