The rabbit is a purple rabbit with a light purple belly and muzzle. He has large ears with light purple insides that point straight upwards, a black circle nose, and 2 eyes with red irises. He also wears

The Rabbit in Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 3 worshipping Malcolm.

a red bowtie.


The rabbit boy is often shown to be excited and happy about things, like all of Shrignold's friends he worships their king Malcom. He is also shown to be good friends with the Unicorn. But is also known to contradict himself, at one point saying he loves his friend, but later going along with Shrignold and agreeing that the only real form of love is with your special one.


  • "Yes we do!"
  • "I love my friend so I give him a hug!"
  • "Even Michael!"
  • "We must feed him gravel!"
  • "So be patient and just maybe, your special one will come!"
  • "That's the way its always been!"


  • He was extensively teased for DHMIS 3, and was thought by some to be the teacher.
  • The Rabbit Boy's voice actor is unknown, but often speculated to be Becky Sloan.
  • The Rabbit is shown to at one point show a different type of love, by saying he loves his friend, but later on helps to explain that special ones are the only ones that it is okay to love.
  • Later in the episode he is know to play a pair of drums.
  • In the very early teasers he was implied to be a surprise with captions like "Who Is This Now?" implying that he was originally planned to be differently used early on.
  • Later in the episode he changes to a more cult-like outfit to help to feed Malcom his gravel.
  • He has the most speaking lines in all of DHMIS 3 other than Shrignold and Yellow Guy.
  • Rabbit still appears on the main banner to Becky Sloan's Twitter account banner along with all of the other DHMIS 3 characters.
  • He also appears on the main YouTube channel's banner.
  • When the Rabbit says, "is change your name..." the Rabbit's voice is not the same as the rest of the song. This line is sung in the voice of Frog Boy (The purple puppet).