Sketchbook is the sole antagonist of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared.


The pad of paper is a small notepad of sorts. They have a black cover, little black arms, round eyes, eyebrows, a mouth that looks pasted on, and colorful hair that is just a bunch of strings that were glued on one of their pages. They also carry a yellow pencil in their right hand.


The Sketchbook teaches them about how to be creative, but everything goes downhill from there. They seem to dislike Yellow Guy the most, pouring oil over his painting of a clown, then later telling him that his favorite color (green) is not creative. Its gender is paper.


  • "What's your favorite idea?"
  • ”Mine is being creative!”
  •  "Because you're not thinking creatively!"
  •  "I use my hair to express myself!"
  • "Whoa there friend, you might need to slow down!"
  •  "Green is not a creative color!"
  •  "Listen to your heart, listen to the rain, listen to the voices in your brain!"
  •  "Come on guys, let's get creative!"

 "Now let's all agree to never be creative again."


This video was made by Yellow Guy from DHMIS,100%,do not copy without permission.

What's your favourite idea?

Mine's bein' creative!

<Yellow> How do you get that idea?

I just think CREA-TIV-ELY!

Now when you look at this orange,tell me please,what do you see?!

<Duck> It's just a boring old orange!

Well maybe to you,but not to me!

I see a silly face! Walking along, and smiling at me.

<Duck> I don't see what you mean!!!

'Cuz ya not thinkin' CREATIVELY!

Now take a look at my hair! *COOL*

I use my hair to express myself!

<Red>That sounds really boring...


Now, when you stare at the clouds in the sky, don't you find it exciting? *NO!*

C'mon! Take another look!

<Yellow,Red,Duck>Oh wait! I can see a hat! I can see a cat! I can see a man with a baseball bat! I can see a dog! I can see a frog! I can see a ladder,leaning on a log!

Thinkin' you gettin' the hang of it now! Using your minds,to have a good time!

<Yellow> I might paint,the picture of a clown!

Whoa there friend, you might need to slow down!

Here's another good tip! *YEAH?!* Of how to become a creative whiz-kid! Go collect some leaves and sticks,and arrange them into your favourite colour!

<Red> BLUE! <Bird> RED! <Yellow> GREEN!

Green is not'a creative color!

There's one more thing that you need to know! Before you can let your creativity flow!


Come on guys,let's get CREATIVE!

Get creative!

  • A while with blood later*

Now lets all AGREEEE! To never be,creative again!

Don't hug me I'm scared with lyrics

Don't hug me I'm scared with lyrics


  • In DHMIS 2-TIME they are seen on the bookshelf near red guy’s chair.
  • The Sketchbook appears in DHMIS 2-Time, where they were seen sitting on the bedside table near the Red Guy.
  • Sketchbook says that green is not a creative color, though the color green is present in many locations, including in their "expressive hair."
  • You can see them in the first "HELP" video seen, ripped off of their body.
  • In the Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 6 dream sequence, Sketchbook appears on the wall with Red Guy,  Duck and Tony.
    • Also, Sketchbook  has legs during this sequence.
  • Their gender is officially revealed by Joseph Pelling as "paper." Link: [1]
  • They are the only teacher not to make a comeback via the machine in DHMIS 6.
    • However, they do appear at the end of the episode. 
    • Something important to note is,ever since episode 1,sketchbook appears as cameos,but near red guy. 
    • This could be because in episode 1 red guy said that using her hair to express herself is boring,so she got mad,which explains why she is hiding near red guy in episode 2,and standing next to him in episode 3,frowning. 



Sketchbook in DHMIS 1.


Sketchbook's first appearance in DHMIS 2 (cameo).


Sketchbook's second/last apperance in DHMIS 2 (cameo).


Sketchbook's appearance as a cameo in DHMIS 3.It has differences like:It is wearing white cloth and is angry.


Sketchbook's appearance as a cameo in HELP (the kickstarter video).


Sketchbook's appearance in DHMIS 6,as a cameo,on the wall. Note:It has two legs,even though it doesn't in any other DHMIS video.


Sketchbook in DHMIS 6 in the ending. Note: it has differences,like it's eyes.


Sketchbook,however it is replaced by an OATS box in episode 4 when red guy finds the low budget version of episode 1.

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