Space Guy

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Space Guy was a teacher from Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared 6. His appearance was very brief, and he supposedly only exists as an example of one of the many teachers the machine can create, or future lessons that we had yet to see.


Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 6

He appear's singing his lyrics right before it switches to the Football.


  • "We are in the the universe!"
  • "Planets live inside the moon!"
  • "A rocket ship can go to space!"
  • "A rocket ship can go to the moon!"


  • He is the first of the completely original teachers in the sequence in which he appears.
  • He is only in the episode for 9 seconds.
  • His face is the sun from DHMIS 2-TIME.
  • His model of The Solar System is incorrect, as some planets are missing or out of order.
  • He is a full-body suit like Red Guy Giant Can and Steak Guy.
  • Many mistakenly believe his name to be Hugo as he was played by Hugo Donkin
  • "Planets live inside the moon!" became an internet meme

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