Steak Guy is a giant talking steak that first appeared in Episode 5. He taught about healthy eating. He appears in Episode 6, but only for a few seconds.


Steak guy is a giant uncooked steak with white gloves, red shoes, and a small tuft of brown hair with a chefs hat. His eyes are lopsided, his nose is large and in the center of his face, but his mouth is off to the side of his face. He carries a meat fork in his hand, and uses it to either illustrate his point, or prod at the others.


  • "Oh no! Look! It's all broken and on the floor!" (DHMIS 5)
  • "Greedy, to eat all that, you'll end up with your teeth all grey!" (DHMIS 5)
  • "What's that? A lovely pie? But you're going to end up sad inside!" (DHMIS 5)
  • "You see, your body is like a special house, with blood, hair, and organs in the different rooms. Oh look, there's Mr. Bladder in the basement!" (DHMIS 5)
  • "Fancy show-offy foods, like cooked meats, fruit salad, soil foods and yolk!" (DHMIS 5)
  •  "The food groups can easily be sorted using the simple health shape!" ( DHMIS 5)
  • "What's that? Plain white sauce, plain gray sauce makes your teeth go grey!". (DHMIS 5)
  • "That's your body. Hungry comes from your body." (DHMIS 5)
  • "Ice cream beef? Ice cream beef makes your teeth go gr-grey!" (DHMIS 6)


  • Steak Guy is a full-body suit, like the Red Guy.
  • Steak Guy calls healthy foods unhealthy, likely due to Roy's poor lessons.
  • Steak Guy calls cooked meats bad, even though he's a steak himself.
  • Steak Guy considers bread, cream, white sauce, and aspic the only healthy foods, but for unknown reasons, he later states that white sauce will make teeth go grey. This shows that the teachers contradict themselves often.
  • Steak Guy forces Yellow Guy to eat Duck Guy, or at least tricks him into doing so.
  • In DHMIS 6 Steak Guy says "Ice cream beef makes your teeth go grey!" but in DHMIS 5 he says "Ice cream beef makes your kidneys bleed".
  • Steak Guy's mouth is digitally animated. This is evident when, in the behind the scenes video, it is absent in every shot he is in.
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