The TV Room is a room that appeared in DHMIS 2 - TIME. It's where the puppets watched the show that they were waiting for. This is also were Tony The Clock starts singing about time.

The TV room at the start of the episode 2.


This room contains a lot of objects like:

  • The yellow square.
  • Tony in the wall.
  • A picture of the protagonists.
  • A window.
  • A toy horse.
  • A lamp.
  • A chair.
  • A mouse hole. (Ratty probably lives there.)
  • A little table with an ashtray, a cup and a sheet with television programming.
  • A globe.
  • The 19 June calendar (Of course.)
  • A door.
  • An armchair.
  • A window.
  • A flower pot.
  • A picture of what looks like a giraffe or a horse.
  • A TV.
  • A coat rack with a scarf, a hat and a cap.
  • Sketchbook also appears in this room, it's hiding in a shelving.


  • At the final of DHMIS 2 - TIME, the room is different.

The TV Room at the final of DHMIS 2.

  • The picture of the protagonists is replaced with the "future" picture saying "nothing"
  • There's an eye on the floor.

  • There's also a totally different TV Room in the DHMIS TV pilot, also known as DHMIS 7.

TV room from the Funny House.

  • Some objects from episodes of the original series are here, objects like:
    • The clown painting (DHMIS 1)
    • The Macolm statue (DHMIS 4)
    • A picture of the protagonists (DHMIS 5 and 6)
    • The telephone (DHMIS 5)
    • The 19 June calendar (The whole DHMIS series)
    • A naked lady picture (DHMIS 2)
    • The milk carton (DHMIS 4)
    • Tony (DHMIS 2 and 6)

      The TV from the Funny House.

    • A little horse statue (DHMIS 4)
    • A TV.
      • The TV from this room looks like Colin.