The TV Room is a room that appeared in DHMIS 2 - TIME. It's where the puppets watched the show that they were waiting for. This is also were Tony The Clock starts singing about time.

Tv room 1

The TV room at the start of the episode 2.


This room contains a lot of objects like:

  • The yellow square.
  • Tony in the wall.
  • A picture of the protagonists.
  • A window.
  • A toy horse.
  • A lamp.
  • A chair.
  • A mouse hole. (Ratty probably lives there.)
  • A little table with an ashtray, a cup and a sheet with television programming.
  • A globe.
  • The 19 June calendar (Of course.)
  • A door.
  • An armchair.
  • A window.
  • A flower pot.
  • A picture of what looks like a giraffe or a horse.
  • A TV.
  • A coat rack with a scarf, a hat and a cap.
  • Sketchbook also appears in this room, it's hiding in a shelving.


  • At the final of DHMIS 2 - TIME, the room is different.

Tv room 1 2

The TV Room at the final of DHMIS 2.

  • The picture of the protagonists is replaced with the "future" picture saying "nothing"
  • There's an eye on the floor.

  • There's also a totally different TV Room in the DHMIS TV pilot, also known as DHMIS 7.

Tv room 2

TV room from the Funny House.

  • Some objects from episodes of the original series are here, objects like:
    • The clown painting (DHMIS 1)
    • The Macolm statue (DHMIS 4)
    • A picture of the protagonists (DHMIS 5 and 6)
    • The telephone (DHMIS 5)
    • The 19 June calendar (The whole DHMIS series)
    • A naked lady picture (DHMIS 2)
    • The milk carton (DHMIS 4)
    • Tony (DHMIS 2 and 6)

      The TV from the Funny House.

    • A little horse statue (DHMIS 4)
    • A TV.
      • The TV from this room looks like Colin.

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