Boring meter

The "boring meter" as shown in a short teaser video on Becky and Joe's Facebook and Kickstarter pages.

The Boring Meter/detector is an unused prop/character from the Don't Hug Me I'm Scared series. It appeared in a teaser from social media. Some of the machine from Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 6 has a similar design to this one but it is not the same leading some to belive that the machine in don't hug me i'm scared 6. the video boring meter/detector appears in is titled a series of numbers (07494795709, )however it can also be found in the Youtube channel "i'm reddish"

The character resembles a grey arcade game-like machine with three screens containing images of the puppets' faces, and a blue "screen" with three words saying "boring" on it, making a meter. He has two googly eyes over this meter. He has two hands, one with which he uses to wind himself, while the other is drooped to one side. He has a big mouth with a graph pouring out of it which has the three colours: red, green and yellow, which is the same main colours as the puppet's leading many fans to belive that he is tracking their brain activity. He has three lights coming out of his head one red one yellow and another green (the colours of these lights also being the same as the puppets.) Boring detector appears to be plugged into a wall however it is unknown if this is part of his character or if the puppet just needed to be plugged in to operate. 

Trivia Edit

  • When looked at closely, the Boring Meter's face resembles that of Tony the Talking Clock's, but this is most likely due to Becky and Joe's cartoon- like style, and not continuity. Machine in DHMIS 6 actually features Tony-like clock.
  • There were many rumours and theories circulating this character, but the main speculation was that since he is a so- called "boring meter", the episode may have been about doing fun things, and the meter deciding which was the most fun for the puppets.
  • in the scene where he appears factory like noises play in the background. It is unknown if this is on purpose or not
  • he seems to have a very clear associatoon of some sort with the puppets seeing as he has the colours of all 3 puppets on him as well as literal pictures of them.