The Brixton Kidnapping is a fake story related to the online series Don't Hug Me I'm Scared. It was reported to have happened on the 19th June 1955 in which a father of 3 kidnapped his children before taking them to a fake town made to simulate the real life of other people. Willard Roy Lawrence and Dianne Lawrence married in the late 1940s in Saint Matthews Church in the centre of Brixton and earlier on in the next year they had their first child, Brandon Lawrence. Under a year later, the couple had their second child, Albert Lawrence. Towards the end of 1949 the couple had their third child, Billy Lawrence.

Before the Kidnapping Edit

Willard had unfortunately been previously known to commit acts of crime against close relatives. In 1935 Lawrence stole approximately £300 worth of goods from his own father which he later sold on the streets of Brixton where he lived. The day before the kidnapping, Dianne had said that she noticed Willard acting strange around the kids and had said how she didn't feel as if she could trust Willard. Dianne told The Sun the day after the kidnapping that she "had asked Willard to stop mollycoddling the kids too much but he had not complied."  She had told The Evening News that they were last seen in "shorts and a t-shirt. Brandon was in red, Albert was in yellow and Billy was in green."

The Event Edit

Unfortunately, not much was documented by news outlets other than the fact that the father attempted to teach the kids about "morals and meanings"

The original, low quality newspaper article from The Evening News can be found here. That there was a piece about the kidnapping in The Sun must be considered a miracle, as the paper was not launched until 1964, more than 10 years after the kidnapping. There is no evidence of the three children ever being found so it must be pressured that they were never located. After an unfortunate event like this, Dianne urged the media to cover as little as possible in daily newspapers and TV broadcasts to allow her to remember her husband and children in peace.

The Hoax Edit

It is unknown who created the original hoax story on Wikipedia on the 12th July 2016. The wiki creators name is World Explained and has not previously attempted to create any other fake stories. The fake wiki page will be taken down on the 22nd July 2016.