The Clones From The End Of DHMIS

The Clones from DHMIS 4

The Clones are minor characters in Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 4. The Clones replicate two of the puppets: The Duck and Yellow Guy. The only Red Guy clone is seen on the left beside the clones that is only a head. They can be seen dancing with Colin. The number of the clones increase when the song goes faster.


  • When the scene of Red Guy following the red cable is happening and shots of the dancing clones are shown, you can see some deformed clones: a Yellow Guy doing the worm dance, a Yellow Guy with a mutated face and long arms and legs, a Duck Guy having sharp spasms on the floor, Duck Guy dancing with a brain for a head, a tiny Duck Guy and a Duck Guy with long arms.
  • The oats box can be seen dancing with the clones before Red Guy follows the red cable and when it is dancing in the darkness.
  • The eyes of the clones seem to glow in the darkness.
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